Saturday, January 26, 2008



This one I first did back on July 7th.

21/15/9 Overhead squats (just the bar)
200 metre run

Time: 8:45 PR

My last time was 10 minutes.I realized that anything that combines the act of running really slows me down. I hate running and it shows in my WOD times. I also have to practice more over head squats as well.


Anonymous said...

How can a Weak-assed Dork like you say he has anything to do with strength. said...

I have to agree with I read your fitness blog and you really have no bussiness charging people for training.

fighterinsnatch said...

I saw you on
now thats humiliating!!

you avoided me (chickened out)when I callwd you out on wannabebig forums in 2005. I'm sure you remember.

I see you have made more enemies. said...

Maki Riddington

I saw your "heavy" squats on your video page, what a joke. Thats the best you can do?

BTW. twitter is for 12 year old girls.

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